Analysis Games at Twilight by Anita Desai


Reality vs Fantasy

Reality means or is referred to the whole story because its like a true situation possible to happen. But fantasy is related when Ravi is inside the shed and he thinks the chance he has to win. He imagine a lot of moment, and he was very excited about winning. So it’s a fantasy because he imagine it and never happen. The reality is the desilution that he got at the end, whe he goes out and he discover that he didn’t win the game. So, he gets really dissapointed and sad because he notices that none of his siblings realise he wasn’t there. “He would not follow the, he would not be included in this funeral game. He had wanted victory and triumph not a funeral”.


In the end of the story, Ravi goes out and sees the children’s faces were pale and shadow of the trees colours represent emotion and feeling of the characters. So in this moment, Ravi felt dead for the others and children thought that he was ghost. “It grew darker in the shed as the light at the door grew, softer, fuzzier, turned to kind of crumbling yellow pollen that turned to yellow fur, blue fur, grey fur.”

Characteristics Anglophone

A place where dead bodies are kept before being buried or cremated.

2. Laurels
Follage from the laurel tree. Worn in a crown as a symbol of victory in a contest.


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Analysis Games at Twilight by Anita Desai