Film Review: Finding Forrester

The film that I will review is the movie “Finding Forrester”, the beginning of reading the title of this film, I think looking for someone named Forrester is like the movie Finding Nemo. But it’s true, a character finds a person who makes his life extraordinary. In accordance with the film with the tagline “In an Ordinary place, he found the one person to make his life extraordinary” which has won several awards.

The film was released on December 19, 2000. I think it has a slow story line and a unique and quite complicated story idea. This film presents scenes that are quite detailed as a discussion of the use of conjunctions “and”. In the context of scientific writing, the word “and” may not be placed at the beginning of a sentence. Maybe in this paper I also ignore it.

Directed by Gus Van Sant (Good Will Hunting, Milk), played by Sean Connery as William Forrester, Rob Brown as Jamal Wallace, F. Murray Abraham as Prof. Robert Crawford and Anna Paquin as Claire Spence.

A 16-year-old black teenager named Jamal Wallace, he lives in the Bronx. The Bronx is one of 5 borroughs in New York City (NYC). If Manhattan is considered the center of NYC’s splendor, on the contrary, the Bronx is its center of blacks, crime, slums, poverty and a bunch of other negative images. He lived with his mother, his father left, his brother went after his father. Jamal was lonely and often spent time writing diaries in his room. He is not good at academics, but has advantages in the field of basketball.

This story begins when Jamal is challenged by his friends to enter an apartment inhabited by someone mysterious. This mysterious person always observes Jamal and his friends playing basketball. When Jamal was checking the contents of the apartment room, he was caught by the owner, making Jamal and his friends scamper, without having time to carry a bag containing his diary.

Starting from this incident, Jamal finally became friends and learned from the mysterious figure who later became known as William Forrester. He is a well-known writer who only publishes writings then confines himself in an apartment room. Friendship and learning process between Jamal and Forrester took place on the condition that Jamal should not even once and to anyone tell about Forrester’s whereabouts. It was there that Jamal learned how to write. Just write, no need to think.

Long story short, After being in a new school and studying with Forrester, Jamal’s achievements gradually improved and even stood out among his classmates. His overly prominent ability gave rise to the suspicions of Prof. Robert Crawford, teacher at his new school. He considers Jamal’s writings to be the result of plagiarism.

At the new school, Jamal became acquainted with a kind-hearted white girl. Calire Spence’s name. Friendship relationships that eventually led to a sense of mutual love. But this raises its own conflict. In addition to love conflicts, Jamal is also involved in a conflict with a rich student who is also a basketball player at the school. John Hartwell’s name. The conflict was related to Jamal’s entry into the school basketball team he had just entered.

One day, Jamal entered a writing competition at his school, he submitted an article with the same title as the one written by Forrester, which was written in 1960. This excellent writing made Crawford curious about Jamal’s abilities. He then gathered evidence that Jamal’s writings had something in common with the first paragraph of Forrester’s writings published in New York magazine in 1960. Jamal was finally threatened with expulsion from school for his actions.

He was very angry with his teacher, William. He regretted why William did not say that the article had been published so that Jamal could cite the source of the quote. But William actually turned angry because from the beginning he had implemented that what was written in his room would remain in his room, without exception.

Jamal received help from one of his school committees so that he was not expelled from school on condition he had to bring his school as a champion in the basketball league. Unfortunately Jamal’s basketball team lost. He then asked for help from Forrester by letter to help him get out of the plagiarism case that happened to him.

During the announcement of the writing competition, Forrester suddenly appeared. Armed with a piece of paper, he went up to the pulpit and then made a speech. The writing he read was very impressive. Everyone present praised Forrester for the very touching writing.

Forrester clarified the case that struck Jamal at the end of his speech. He revealed that Jamal did not include the name William Forrester because he had been bound by promises. Jamal will not tell anyone about Forrester. For the speech of Forrester Jamal free from the threat of being expelled from school.

This is one quote that I like, “You write your first draft with your heart and you rewrite with your head. The first key to writing is to write. Not to think.” Because I always think too long to start writing, eventually not writing sometimes fall asleep.

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Film Review: Finding Forrester