Reading Report “A Civil Peace” by Chinua Achebe

As the tittle, this short story tells about Jonathan Iwegbu and family life. Jonathan, who used to be one of the armies, then he decided to get out of the war. After deciding to get out of the war Jonathan felt he was  fortunate compared to his friends because he had something very valuable, namely “his family” . Even though he felt happy because he was free from war but he felt he was more fortunate because he was able to save his family. he also still has relics that he thinks are still very valuable like an old bicycle and his decrepit house. After the war he survived in various ways such as opening a bar for soldiers, his wife sold cakes and her children sold mangoes. In the story that governments and soldiers who at that time tended to be more selfish than the people. there is a figure of thief, who forced Jonathan gave money at night for him. When the theft case was known to many people, no one really helped him, be it the police, the government, or his neighbors. The neighbors described in this short story only feel sympathy for Jonathan without doing anything. as far we know Jonathan as a character and owner who is optimistic, hardworking, and not easily discouraged. This story use third person point of view. This short story was written after the Nigerian war. social and economic conditions in accordance with the situation of the citizens of Nigeria at that time. Many of their families died and their homes were destroyed by the war. Some of them are desperate, but some of them also have a sense of enthusiasm to change their destiny for the better.

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Reading Report “A Civil Peace” by Chinua Achebe