Reading Report “The Will of Allah” by David Owoyele

This story is related to conditions in Africa at that time, namely the rise of criminal acts such as theft. This is because of the social and economic factors of post-war Africa where poverty levels were very high there.

As the title, we can be concluded that this story has thick spiritual elements. this story tells about two friends, Sule and Dogo. They are experienced thief. Sule is a dominant character than his friend, Dogo. Apart from his profession as a thief, Sule is a religious character. Unlike Sule, Dogo is a person who has a short posture, has a naive and annoying nature. Sule has determination in holding to the principle that there is nothing to fear but Allah. There’s dialogue where Sule was judged in court for being caught stealing and he answered the judge’s question with an odd but correct answer and made the judge confused. As in the quote “You and your type constitute a threat to life and property and this court will always see to it that you get your just deserts, according to the Law.’ The judge had then fixed him with a stern gaze, which Sule coolly returned: he had stared into too many so- called judges’ eyes to be easily intimidated. Besides, he feared no-thing and no one except Allah. The judge thrust his legal chin forward. ‘Do you never pause to consider that the road of crime leads only to frustration, punishment and suffering? You look fit enough for anything. Why don’t you try your hand at earning an honest living for a change?’ Sule had shrugged his broad shoulders. ‘I earn my living the only way I know,’ he said. ‘The only way I’ve chosen“. This story use third person point of view.


Sorry for my english. I hope u like it 💕

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Reading Report “The Will of Allah” by David Owoyele