Summary of The Wandering Falcon by Jamil Ahmad

The Wandering Falcon is a jagged piece of writing, a slackly woven collection of ninestories depicting the interior view of the Baloch life. The central among these stories is a saga of romance: Gul Bibi’s eccentric crush on a man of humble race and her elopement with him desiring to settle in the haven of love. Gul Bibi’s abscondment is sinful according to the tribal customs, putting her existence at stake. Both Gul Bibi and her lover remain under search and hunt of their people and are murdered, leaving a son Tor Baz behind. There are other stories out of which the “Kafir” Mullah Berari’s tale, his wanderings, his baffling and enigmatic character is relatively more engaging. Additionally, there are women’s stories, particularly about Pawindah women with their “boisterous humor”, their resilience and struggle. There are stories within the stories which add expansion and depth to the narrative as a whole.

Major Themes and Issue:
•Identity crisis
•Love versus honor
•Tribe versus state

Stylistic Elements

The Wandering Falcon is imbued with various motifs, literary allusions, metaphors, imagery as well as with postmodern features and all these elements contribute to the force of the narrative.One strong postmodernist feature of “The Wandering Falcon” is the blurring feel of fact and fancy, real and the unreal and its inversion of the linear concept of “reality”, “settlement”, “identity” particularly if weinterpret the tribal life as a metaphor of humankind at large

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Summary of The Wandering Falcon by Jamil Ahmad